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  • 坚固设计和电隔离特性使其可用于潜在爆炸,高压和强电磁场环境



  • 推挽式结构的两个布拉格光栅用于温度交叉效应补偿



  • 无应力连接其他基于布拉格光栅技术的传感器,兼容大部分光纤解调仪



  • 安装于垂直表面
  • +/-5度角度测量
  • 小于3豪度/ºC温度引起的误差
  • 传感器组合可用于双轴测量

FS64TLS Tilt Sensor

Special features

Temperature compensated

Robust desing

Configurable wavelengths, cable lengths

and connector types

FS64TLS Tilt Sensor


The Tilt Sensor is a Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) based sensor designed to measure small angle variations

towards the vertical. This sensor uses two FBGs in an innovative push-pull configuration for effective temperature

compensation. It is a robust and completely passive sensor with high multiplexing capability, suited for

remote sensing, self-referenced and compatible with most interrogators. The Tilt Sensor can be used in a large

range of monitoring applications, such as in slopes and bridge pillars.

The FS64TLS is based on the newLight® technology developed by HBM FiberSensing to combine particular

advantages of the FBG overcoming technical compromises that existed so far. newLight® sensors employ high

strength fiber coatings and different FBG fabrication techniques to ensure increased strain measurement

ranges, enhanced fatigue resistance and higher measurement accuracy. The low bend loss, telecom compatible

fiber opens the possibilities for innovative sensor designs as well as the straightforward usage of multiplexed sensors

on the same fiber even if kilometers apart. The technology is completely passive, self-referenced and compatible

with most interrogators.

Connect two tilt sensors at orthogonal directions for bi-axial tilt measurements. Contact HBM FiberSensing for

custom service of preassembling the sensors in such way and connected via splices.

Benefits and applications

Possibility to connect in series with other tilt sensors for bi-axial measurements

No need for temperature compensation with external elements

High sensitivity for countless applications

Suited for harsh environments

Fiber Bragg grating technology

Absolute reference measurement

Insensitive to EM/RF interferences

Passive (can be used in Ex-areas)

Intrinsic multiplexing capability reducing cabling requirements

Long distances between sensors and the interrogators possible

Combinable with other sensor measurands


Sensitivity1) pm/deg 185
Resolution3) deg 0.002
Measurement range deg 10
Transverse sensitivity % <5
Maximum calibration error deg 0.05
Settling time s 1.5
Operation and storage temperature °C -20 … +80
Temperature cross sensitivity deg/°C <0.003
Sensor bend radius n.a. Cannot bent
Attachment method5) n.a. Bolted (M8)
Dimensions mm 220 ±0.5 x 140 ±0.5 x 42.5 ±0.5
Weight6) kg 3.3
Main materials n.a. Stainless steel, aluminium, polycarbonate, brass, ormocer®
Bragg wavelengths nm 1500 … 1600 (±0.5)
Fiber core, cladding and coating diameter μm 8/125/195
FWHM, reflectivity and side lobe suppression n.a. > 0.2nm, 20±6%, > 7dB
Inputs / Outputs
Cable type n.a. Ø 3 mm armor (Hytrel, stainless steel spiral, Kevlar®, stainless steel mesh and PE)
Cable bend radius mm >10
Cable length7) m 0 … 20 ±0.05
Connectors n.a. FC/APC, SC/APC or NC (No Connectors)

Ordering information

Configurable Item
K-FS64TLS – 1 2 – 3 – 4 5
Standard item8)
Options 1-FS64TLS-10/2510
1 NC - No connector; FC - FC/APC; SC - SC/APC 1-FS64TLS-10/2530
2 0.5 m < Cable length < 20 m @0.5 m steps 1-FS64TLS-10/2550
3 1510 nm ≤ Wavelength9) ≤ 1595 nm @10nm steps 1-FS64TLS-10/2570
4 0.5 m < Cable Length < 20 m @0.5 m steps
5 NC - No connector; FC - FC/APC; SC - SC/APC
  • Typical. Considering an FBG.
  • For 0.5 pm resolution in wavelength measurement, as found in FS22SI interrogator.
  • Tilt on the measurement axis for each tilted degree in the perpendicular axis.
  • Typical traceability uncertainty of ±0.09 deg.
  • Anchors and screws not included.
  • With 2 m cable each side and no connectors.
  • For cables longer than 2 m, a splice (Ø8x200mm) is included at 2 m from the sensor. For different cable lengths or splice position please contact HBM FiberSensing.
  • Standard Items correspond to a configuration: 2m length cable to each side terminated with FC/APC connectors. Wavelength pairs 1510/1520; 1530/1540; 1550/1560; 1570/1580 nm.
  • Pre-defined pairs of wavelength: 1510/1520; 1530/1540; 1550/1560; 1570/1580 nm. For different wavelengths please contact HBM FiberSensing.


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